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AM650′s Best of Food & Wine Guest Speaker David Schuemann, Author of “99 Bottles of Wine”

November 14th, 2013 / AM650's Best of Food & Wine with Tony & Kasey

Toronto’s AM650 Tony & Kasey’s Best of Food and Wine Show interviews David Schuemann and discusses the importance of wine packaging and David’s new book 99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of the Contemporary Wine Label.



NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show – Bottles and Brains: What Wine Tells Us About Consumer Behavior

November 13, 2013 / NPR's Kojo Nnamdi Show

It’s called “drinking with our eyes” — the way many of us choose wine bottles based purely on our reactions to their labels. But the science behind wine marketing reveals a great deal about the collective psychology of consumers. We explore the secrets some marketers employ to appeal to consumers and learn how to judge wine by factors other than their labels with guest David Schuemann.



Wine Labels: Think, Create, Effervesce

November 2013 / Paperspecs

David Schuemann, owner and creative director of CF Napa Brand Design, has brought together many of those stories in his new book “99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of the Contemporary Wine Label,” as sumptuous a treat for the eyes and imagination as the wines themselves doubtlessly are for the palate.

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Book Focus on Packaging Design, 99 Bottles of Wine

November 2013 / Wines & Vines

The new book “99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of a Contemporary Wine Label” by David Schuemann, owner and creative director at CF Napa Brand Design in Napa, Calif., details the creative process of designing the labels and packaging of some of the most notable wine brands in the world.

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Drinking With Your Eyes

November 7, 2013 / Napa Valley Register

“As consumers, we all eat and drink with our eyes,” said David Schuemann, owner and creative director of CF Napa Brand Design. “A wine label is a major factor influencing not only purchase decisions but also our actual enjoyment of the wine.”

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Wine Enthusiast’s Holiday Gift Guide Featuring “99 Bottles of Wine”

December 2013 / Wine Enthusiast

David Schuemann’s full color coffee table wine book, 99 Bottles of Wine, is featured in Wine Enthusiast’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, the annual list of must-haves for the wine lover, the cocktail connoisseur and the beer devotee – and anyone who really loves great cheese and chocolate.

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99 Bottles Bottles of Wine – Book Review

October 2013 / Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts, founder of, reviews David Schuemann’s 99 Bottles of Wine. Joe writes, “An impressive and heartfelt foreword and an excellent design showcase.”

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food republic image

How To Design A Best-Selling Wine Label – A Q&A with the man behind ’99 Bottles of Wine’

October 2013 / Food Republic

David Schuemann, and his studio CF Napa, have designed labels for dozens of well-known and small-batch brands. David has just released a book of his favorites, 99 Bottles of Wine, and reveals to us just what draws people’s eye to a bottle and why certain labels simply turn us off.

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Drinking with Your Eyes – Wine Labels of The Future?

Bordeaux Undiscovered Wine Shop / October 22, 2013

Wine labels can seduce us into buying a bottle of wine and David Schuemann’s book 99 Bottles of Wine exposes some of the industry’s secrets about the subliminal messages that trick us into making that purchase.

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CRN Digital Talk Radio’s Interview with David Schuemann, author of “99 Bottles of Wine”

October 2013 / CRN Digital Talk Radio

Melding story, heritage, imagination and marketing with evocative design, Napa-resident and author David Schuemann, a leading designer to the wine world, gives readers a behind-the-scenes peek into how a wine’s story comes to life on its package–and how it lures a customer in.



Drinking With Your Eyes: How Wine Labels Trick Us into Buying

October 2013 / NPR's The Salt Blog

In his new book, 99 Bottles of Wine, David Schuemann spills the industry’s secrets about how wine labels tickle our subconscious and coerce us into grabbing a bottle off the shelf.

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David Schuemann Interviewed on radio program “The Sipping Point”

April 27, 2013 / The Sipping Point Podcast

Famous Branding and Wine Label Designer David Schuemann Joined us to talk about what wineries consider when creating their labels. Dave’s new book 99 Bottles of Wine tackles this topic and highlights 99 of his most iconic works. The book will be released in June and details can be found here: